Blessing In Disguise


Gloria: “If you like me why, are you pushing me away?”

Sebastian: “You’re too good for me.”

Gloria: “I know I’m good for you.”

Sebastian: “Then why do you still want me?”

Gloria: “Because you’re not a bad person. You can’t push away things that have come to you as a blessing – you embrace them. I know you felt something happening between us, I know I am not the only one who feels these emotions. You need good in your life, you deserve it.

There is going to be a moment in your life when a person is going to show you how to live your life, someone will come into your life and will enhance the person that you are. Someone is going to come into your life and show you what lies ahead, they will show you how to love and how to live freely without feeling pressurised in how you think you should be.

The way you are with me is something I have never had with a person. You make me feel alive, you make me want to be happy and to love. You have entered my life so unexpectedly, but I do not regret you nor what we have. You have come to my life as a blessing in disguise and you will forever remain a blessing in disguise to me.”

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