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Hi, my name is Konijja Jaannah (pronounced ko-nee-ja jaan-nah). I am a British-Bangladeshi. Interested in spirituality, in living within the energies of love and inner peace, music has always been my love, concerts are my heaven. Moon and stars are my safe haven, home is where the ocean is.

I write for it brings me clarity and perspective, I write on topics that I am passionate about; it allows me to portray and lay out my thoughts. I have found myself relishing in writing, finding joy in the simplicities of creating words that allows me to articulate my thoughts and feelings in ways that makes sense to me, in bringing characters alive merely by being in touch with my imagination. Writing is my form of expression.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you again 🙂

Silence (My Healer)

Drip. Drop. Goes the sound of the water. Drips of water that left the hot tap leaving the sink disappearing down the drain. The silence. The silence that surrounds me, the silence that comforts me, silence is within everything. Every living thing, in everything that I do. Silence after I breathe, silence after each footstep. […]

Essence of Gratitude

Gratitude is peace. Gratitude is love. Gratitude is healing. Gratitude is kindness, happiness, genorosity. Gratitude is thankfulness. Gratitude is gratefulness. Gratitude has the power of setting the tone for a new day. Whether it is through affirmations in the mornings/nights, aligning your mind, soul and spirit, journalling and being mindful of things to be grateful […]

Illusion Of Time

Time is a beautiful illusion. This concept allows us to believe we have time in experiencing life. Time. Many think we have, do not have or don’t have enough of. What if there was no such thing as time and there was only infinity, a timeless state. Life is infinite, the world we live in […]

What Is Ego?

Ego. I have been thinking about this word, the meaning and significance it holds. Ego defined as “your idea or opinion of yourself especially your feeling of your own importance and ability.” When having a growing relationship with myself, the more I choose love and peace. Having an egoic mind is becoming farther away, where […]


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