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Hi, my name is Konijja Jaannah (pronounced ko-nee-ja jaan-nah). I am a British-Bangladeshi. Interested in spirituality, in living within the energies of love and inner peace, music has always been my love, concerts are my heaven. Moon and stars are my safe haven, home is where the ocean is.

I write for it brings me clarity and perspective, I write on topics that I am passionate about; it allows me to portray and lay out my thoughts. I have found myself relishing in writing, finding joy in the simplicities of creating words that allows me to articulate my thoughts and feelings in ways that makes sense to me, in bringing characters alive merely by being in touch with my imagination. Writing is my form of expression.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you again 🙂

The Date

Waking up to the birds chirping harmoniously amongst each other, the blinding sun seeping through the windows. A smile was worn on my face and my body singing lightly, humming with anticipation of the day ahead. My phone pinging with a “good morning. I will be picking you up at 10” text from Ezra. Browsing […]

Musings: Fate

Fate is like the ocean that comes swooping into the shore. The ricocheting essence overwhelming you yet, soothing you. Fate is the unknown, leading you to your one. To your purpose. Fate bringing two souls together, connecting them, interlocking them through the lifetime and the here-after. Shocking you, moving you. Fixing your missing enigmas and […]

Unspoken Words

Watchfully gazing from a distance, as his face lights up. The corner of his eyes crinkling, delving into the skin as his eyes beam brightly. With his mouth tilting upwards into a radiant smile like the luminescent moonlight illumining, bringing my soul alive. His darkened complexion enhanced his strong features, his eyes twinkling like two […]


Ezra My throat filled with fluid, reaching down my body. Keeping me down, leaving me fighting to get to the shore. In futile. Left paralysed, as my body is submerged under water. My body smothered with water, immersing deeply into the well of hollowness with no way to flee. “No. Help” I hear myself scream. […]


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