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Hi, my name is Konijja Jaannah (pronounced ko-nee-ja jaan-nah). I am a British-Bangladeshi. Interested in spirituality, in living within the energies of love and inner peace, music has always been my love, concerts are my heaven. Moon and stars are my safe haven, home is where the ocean is.

I write for it brings me clarity and perspective, I write on topics that I am passionate about; it allows me to portray and lay out my thoughts. I have found myself relishing in writing, finding joy in the simplicities of creating words that allows me to articulate my thoughts and feelings in ways that makes sense to me, in bringing characters alive merely by being in touch with my imagination. Writing is my form of expression.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you again 🙂


Love. We don’t know what it means. There is no rational, logical meaning. Writing this down, trying to find the words to explain what love is and coming short. How does one express, describe the one element of life that surrounds us, we can’t see, nor touch, but we feel. We feel the vibrations, the […]

Talking to the Moon.

The clouds cocooning the moon, the moon was lustrous like a fluorescent light illuminating against the darkness. Stars sprinkled amongst the sky, flickering their celestial galaxies. The ocean was luminescent from the burning glow of the moonlight. The ocean creating waves as they hit the shore, the coolness washing over my sand pillowed feet. My […]

Solitude is Your Power

Since young, we knew about love. Seeing the love between our parents, having love for our siblings, family and friends. To some having love as dreamers, for their passions, and for our Planet Earth. We are taught about love. We see love. We are love. Yet, we are not taught about self-love. The power and […]

Hues of Yearning

Stagnant. Stuck. Lost. The sharp tinges of pain echoing inside the hollow canvases of my heart. “I miss you” I whisper into the night sky. The moon illuminating luminously against the dark, starry sky. Gazing up at the flickering, twinkling celestial orbs. “I miss you” I murmur into nothingness, the burning sensation within the heart […]


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